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 Jilin University is directly under the Ministry of education key national comprehensive university, is located in Jilin Province, Changchun city. The school was founded in 1946, in 1960 was listed as a national key university, 1984 to become one of the 22 University Graduate School established the first, the first in 1995 by the State Board of Education approved of the "211 Project", 2001 was included in the "985 Project" national key construction projects of the University, was approved in 2004 for the direct management of the central school.
In 2000, the original Jilin University, Jilin University of technology, Bethune Medical University, Changchun University of science and technology, Changchun post and Telecommunications College merged to form a new Jilin University. In 2004, the people's Liberation Army Quartermaster University of China incorporated over.
A wide range of school subjects, consists of 44 colleges, including philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, military science, art and all 13 disciplines; 129 undergraduate professional, first-class discipline master's degree programs 56 authorized, a doctoral degree in 44, 291 master programs, 244 doctoral, 42 post doctoral research station; there is a grade 4 national key disciplines (covering 17 of the two disciplines), two national key disciplines of science, 15, (State Key Cultivation 4) subjects, first-class universities and disciplines construction project 47. 11 of the subjects (field) ESI ranked in the global top 1%, of which 2 subjects ranked in the top 1 global 1000.
Strong teachers, there are 6599 teachers, including 1985 professors, 1213 doctoral tutor. There are China Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering 41 (including two employed 31), senior professor of philosophy and social science 7, Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council review group members 20 people,  people plan was selected by 15 people, the national teaching masters 9. The Marx theory research and construction project chief expert 5 people, the national "973" plan (including the major scientific research project) chief scientist of the project 6, the national outstanding contributions of young experts 19 people,  winners of national outstanding youth fund 30, National outstanding youth fund 25 people, Jilin province "Changbai Mountain scholar" candidate 65.
The State Key Laboratory of school 5, 1 national engineering laboratories, national engineering laboratories 6, 1 national engineering research centers, the Ministry of education, humanities and social science research base 6, Key Laboratory of Ministry of education 11, 23 ministries and Key Laboratory of other industries. The school has undertaken a large number of national and provincial level scientific research projects, and produced a batch of high-tech achievements with good industrialization prospects and high technology content.
The school has established a system of bachelor - Master - dr.integrity of high level talents. There are 70460 full-time students, of whom 25084 are doctoral students and 1796 master students, 43580 are junior college students, and the rest are foreign students.
Schools focus on cooperation among famous universities, and gradually improve the global network layout. At present, it has established cooperation with 277 universities and research institutions in 39 countries and regions. Among them, the top 100 in the world's 36, the first 200 of the 55. The school in cooperation with 11 universities and national research institutions to build 32 cooperative platform.
The school adheres to the guideline of "active development, standardized management, reform and innovation", and actively guides and promotes the healthy development of the science and technology industry on the basis of standardized management. The establishment of Jilin Jida Holdings Limited, standardize the management of school operating state-owned assets. Comprehensively promote the reform of school owned enterprises, establish and implement the modern enterprise system. Vigorously promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in schools, Changchun feels Jida Little Swan Instrument Co Ltd, Changchun Telecommunications Engineering Design Institute Co. Ltd., Jilin province Jida Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. and a number of high-tech companies, production and research combination is booming. School of science and technology park has been identified as the National University Science park.
The school has 6 campuses, 7 campuses, covers an area of more than 6 million 110 thousand square meters, the school building area of 2 million 980 thousand square meters. The school has a Zhuhai campus in Zhuhai City, covers an area of 5000 acres. The school library has a collection of 7 million 570 thousand books, and has been designated as the library of UNESCO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the world bank. Approved by the Ministry of education in the construction of our school CALIS in Northeast Center as one of the seven center.
Schools to "academic school, talent strong school, innovation, open it, the cultural wing school" development strategy, the goal is: to 2020 the completion of high level research university of the domestic first-class, internationally renowned. As an important base of innovative talents has an important position in the national and regional economic and social development in the cultivation of high level scientific research and achievements into high quality, social services, international exchanges and cooperation, high starting point guiding advanced culture; make the all-round development of students, let the staff take pride, let the society high praise, let the world widely recognized university. To 100th anniversary, the Jilin University established the Chinese characteristics of world class universities.
In the process of building a world-class university, Jilin University will strive to care about the destiny of the country and serve the national strategy to make a difference to the party and the state is satisfied; in the shoulder social responsibility and social progress to meet the increasing demands of quality education, let the masses satisfaction; adhere to the people-oriented, to achieve good maintenance in the development of good school fundamental interests of the majority of the staff and students to accomplish something, let the staff satisfaction.


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